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Main Features Of PepoRecord

Boost your Team’s productivity with these state-of-the-art features

Simple and Easy Recording

Record quick videos of your screen/camera just with a click. No need to mess around with any settings. Everything is pre-defined.

Instant Ready-to-share Videos

Get a link of your video instantaneously so you can share it with anyone you like. Your recipient can watch the video without logging in or creating an account.

High-quality Video

With our advanced technology on your side, you will get a crystal clear video. All the settings are pre-coded to achieve the maximum quality video.

No Software Installation

PepoRecord runs on our cloud. So, you don't have to install any software to record a video. No processing or wait time either.

Step 1

Just Click a Button to Start Recording Your Video

As simple as it sounds, just click the 'Record' button, and PepoRecord will start recording your camera or screen as per your selection.

No need to install any software. All the settings are already coded for maximum optimization so you don't have to mess around with any settings either.

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Step 2

Easily Download/Share Your Video With a Link

Once you are done recording your video, you will be directed to your recorded video page where you will also see a link to your video. Just copy the link and share it with your recipients.

Your recipients don't need to have an account with PepoRecord to watch your video. They can simply click the link you shared and watch it. They can also leave a comment or emoji's to your video.

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Step 3

Share Your Video on Social Media With a Click

You can share your video on any social media of your choice by just hitting a share icon.

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Read trusted reviews from our customers

This is a small sampling of the eclectic array of our clients' reviews.


Mario Suntar

CEO at WoodBows

PepoRecord provides a fantastic method for producing both visual and auditory documentation that demonstrates our processes. As a highly visual learner, it serves as the ideal solution for me to keep track of my progress and findings, both for myself and other users.

loom videos

Stephen Jay

CEO at Charis IT

This webapp is both lightweight and powerful. I can record my screen/video with just a click. The most advantageous aspect is the ability to share the recorded videos through a link. Besides, it provides ample free storage that can be utilized efficiently by individuals and small businesses, with the option to upgrade to a paid plan as necessary.

video loom

Peter K

CFO at AppTecHub

This app enables me to effortlessly capture and share screen recordings with voice-over explanations in a matter of minutes. Sharing is a breeze - I can simply copy and paste the link in under 5 minutes! The amount of time it would usually take me to coordinate a screen-sharing session with my coworkers or team through slack can now be reduced even further by using this app to quickly record and share a loom. I absolutely love it!

loom download

Joanna Webb

Doctor at Joanna Clinic

I am thoroughly impressed with the features offered by PepoRecord, particularly its capability to create and share high-quality video clips quickly. This allows me to communicate information effectively through a visually appealing format, thereby ensuring that my message is conveyed clearly to its intended audience. The ease of commenting on videos or co-editing with colleagues as collaborative partners is also a significant advantage. It eliminates the need for lengthy emails or phone calls and simplifies communication to just one short clip. Since we started using PepoRecord internally about six months ago, it has greatly improved our workflow and proven to be a valuable investment.

loom extension

Christopher Thomas

Sales Manager at TrinityWired

PepoRecord is a cutting-edge video presentation platform that offers advanced features for video presentations, conferences, and webinars. It provides a comprehensive solution for webcam and screen recording, video production, and live video presentation all in one place. PepoRecord is user-friendly, with a wide selection of predesigned video themes. I am a big fan of its ease of use, simply click on the icon on your toolbar, specify what you want to record, and you're ready to go. I frequently use it to create instructional videos for clients to clarify any confusion that may arise through email.


John Miller


By creating and easily sending videos to colleagues and clients for review, you can significantly streamline your communications. Explanations that may prove challenging to articulate in writing or are susceptible to misinterpretation can be conveyed through video. Furthermore, you can share any portion of your screen to eliminate the possibility of errors. You and your recipients can even add comments at specific points within the video. Moreover, it's effortless to embed videos in websites and other platforms, such as Notion, eliminating the need to incur expenses for video hosting.

Experience the next generation video quality. No credit card required

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No credit card required.


PepoRecord lets you record your screen/video with just a click of a button with the highest possible quality. No need to install any software. It runs on our cloud.

You can easily share the video with a link. They don't have to create an account to watch the video.

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